Volume 2

Volume 2

The Latest Edition on Current Animal Law Topics



 Joshua Friedman and Gary Norman


 Kelly Cooper


 Human Hybrids and Chimeras: Exploring the Implications of Biobanks and Pluripotent Cells with Regard to Species Integrity and National Security
Barbara J. Gislason

Damages in Dog-Bite and Other Animal-Related Litigation
Joan Schaffner

Zoos As Prisons: The Role of Law and the Case for Abolition
Kathryn M. Campbell

A Public Policy Argument for Mediation of Pet Custody Disputes
Kirsten M. Koepsel


 David S. Farve “Best Student Note” and Mary Anne Norman Fellow

Four-Legged Tenants: Encouraging Pet-Friendly Housing While Protecting Landlords from Liability
 Laurel Palluzi

Real or Fake: Animals Can Make a Difference in Child Abuse Proceedings
 Noreal Weems

Resource Management Lessons from the Eastern Oyster
 Benjamin Groff


All Dollars and No Sense: Critique of Dr. David Pimentel’s Estimated Economic Impact of Domestic Cat Predation
 Laurie D. Goldstein

Improving Farm Animal Welfare and Promoting Education: Combating the Introduced Ag-Gag Law in Pennsylvania
 Sarah Rouse

Recap of the Fourth Annual Maryland State Bar Association Animal Law Symposium
 Sarah Rouse

Humane Education—Stirring American Civics and Attitudes on Animals
 Gary C. Norman

Volume 1

Volume 1

Inaugural Edition on Current Animal Law Topics
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Joshua Friedman and Gary Norman 


Nathan Horne 


Rat Fishing and the Disparate Treatment of Pest Animals

Nicole Brown
Everything Old is New Again: Reselling Vintage Fur Items Made From Endangered Species
Abigail Salisbury 


David S. Farve "Best Student Note" 
Toros, Steers, Ropes, Capes and Cowboy Boots:
The Inhumane Nature of Bullfighting and Rodeos

Jared Kaplan
 Miniature Horses in Suburbia
Stacey Kight 
Transgenic Animals: Ethical Concerns Regarding
Their Creation, Research and Treatment

Muriel Tinkler


 Animals are not Property and Should Be Legally Reclassified

Catherine Wolfe