Volume 1

Volume 1

Inaugural Edition on Current Animal Law Topics
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Joshua Friedman and Gary Norman 


Nathan Horne 


Rat Fishing and the Disparate Treatment of Pest Animals

Nicole Brown
Everything Old is New Again: Reselling Vintage Fur Items Made From Endangered Species
Abigail Salisbury 


David S. Farve "Best Student Note" 
Toros, Steers, Ropes, Capes and Cowboy Boots:
The Inhumane Nature of Bullfighting and Rodeos

Jared Kaplan
 Miniature Horses in Suburbia
Stacey Kight 
Transgenic Animals: Ethical Concerns Regarding
Their Creation, Research and Treatment

Muriel Tinkler


 Animals are not Property and Should Be Legally Reclassified

Catherine Wolfe